Friday, August 20, 2010


Safety Protective Clothing uses excellent breathable and moisture absorbing linings in the footwear we supply which ensure a soft, dry and fresh feel while at the same trime transporting moisture to the outside. The full benefits of this climate management realy come into play when the socks worn are use also suited to the ansorbtion and the expulsion of heat and humidity, so that these can be transported away by the lining and upper material.
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Safety Compliance

Follow these seven steps and guarantee your company's compliance

It’s impossible to remove all the health hazards in your workplace, but you can minimise them. Provide personal protective equipment to reduce the health risk to your employees. The Department of Labour (DoL) can shut your business down if you don’t have the correct PPE in place.

As an employer, you have a legal duty to provide PPE if it’s required and to enforce its use. But, it’s not always easy to ensure your employees are using and wearing the PPE you provide.

You need to show your employees that they have a legal duty to take care of themselves and others as well as comply with all the measures you put in place for their protection. So how do you do this?

The first step is to ensure you manage your PPE correctly. Follow these seven steps to ensure your compliance...

Step #1: Choose the most appropriate PPE for each hazard
Step #2: Issue personal protective equipment to staff and keep a record of this
Step #3: Provide training on the correct use of PPE
Step #4: Care for all personal protective equipment in a hygenic way
Step #5: Monitor use of PPE
Step #6: Dispose of used or expired PPE
Step #7: Cover the costs of personal protective equipment

Friday, August 13, 2010


Cat footwear is among the most purchased lines of shoes and boots out there and it has long been existing to offer the best quality safety boots to different consumers. Because there are many consumers with various demands and preferences, manufacturers of Cat footwear are quite eager to provide them the quality they deserve. Cat shoes provide a lot of protection and they have been well-crafted to ensure style and comfort.

It is imperative for construction employees to keep their feet safe. Actually, it’s important for everybody, also, to avoid foot impairment because that is just difficult. Think about not having the ability to walk because of a cut or a puncture wound. You could just imagine the horrifying hazards existing in industrial companies. Even those apparently safe workplace facilities can also have certain dangers. However, these kinds of boots are not only for protection inside the factories but they are usually for overall defense from sharp objects, heat, water, force, and impact, whether you’re in a mining area or outside taking a walk.

Cat shoes are definitely famous throughout the world. In all over 150 countries, this specific brand of footwear is being sold and many individuals buy them. There are so many explanations why consumers prefer Cat shoes on top of any other label. Most of them admit just one thing which is on account of durability. Cat shoes or boots could last for years and a lot of consumers may use them for over a decade. With correct maintenance, you could actually keep these types of shoes very long. They are truly tough, and whenever we speak of toughness, it means those shoes enduring different elements, providing you with comfort for years to come. The outsole remains undamaged no matter what type of surface you walk on.

Cat safety boots also come in various designs and styles. Well, guys are primarily not that picky, so choosing shoes or boots that appear great for them won’t be much of a problem.

These boots are designed with high quality craftiness. Layers of protective materials ensure overall foot protection. For instance, the Cambrelle liner keeps out water and moisture to keep your toes dry in moist ground. These boots are likewise made from breathable materials that do not lock in moisture. The cushions are likewise created to make sure of user’s comfort inspite of the tough materials the boots are made of.

Cat boots allow you to sport a masculine look at the workplace. There are trendy designs offered for males who are really particular of their appearances, so staying in mode is never that hard.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We will no longer stock the Caterpillar workwear at our stores in Cape Town. All Caterpillar clothing will now be ex JHB. Only the Caterpillar footwear will be ex stock.

Monday, August 2, 2010


We will no longer be stocking the Weinbrenner range of footwear and it will be replace with the Hi-Tech range of footwear without steel toe cap
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As of this morning, one of our containers was stolen from our transporters yard.

Please be aware that the following items would eventually become available on the black market.
Code: 0921/10
QTY: 37 320 pairs

Code: GPVC/40/HG
Description: Green Textured PVC, Elbow 40cm
QTY: 27 648 pairs

Code: GPVC/27/HG
Description: Green Textured PVC, Open Cuff, 27cm wrist length
QTY: 8400 pairs

Description: Rough Terry PVC, Knitted Wrist
QTY: 11 040 pairs

Code: GTIG
Description: Tan Pig grain, keystone, Red trim
QTY: 10 200 pairs

Code: 88PBSA
Description: Pig split, candy back, safety cuff
QTY: 14 400 pairs

All the above mentioned gloves can be easily identified by the DH trademark printed on the item.